As businesses explore new ways of providing premium customer service, one trend has surfaced: messaging. But as companies from Facebook to WhatsApp provide tools for businesses to use their products to interact with customers, fragmentation emerges. With the increase in communication channels used for customer service, businesses have to find ways to manage customer communications better and more effectively. Enter Comcast Ventures Catalyst Fund’s newest investment, LiveNinja.

LiveNinja’s mission is to help people get the assistance they need through communication tools that enable businesses to better serve and understand their customers. LiveNinja Messenger, their latest product, allows brands and companies to connect with their customers in ways that are uniquely tailored to each customer and their desires. Brands can start conversations on social media or their company website, and maintain that communication across all platforms with a unique link that consolidates a conversation on multiple platforms to one thread.

Enabling an ongoing conversation that extends beyond the first contact is proving to be a valuable avenue for consumer brands seeking to increase customer long-term value and also serves as a way to ensure top-notch customer satisfaction. The challenge facing companies has always been how to do this in a cost-effective manner. Now, with LiveNinja Messenger, this is possible, feasible, and already delivering impact to its early customers.

LiveNinja is based in Miami, the vibrant, burgeoning tech ecosystem with an energy symbiotic with the Latin beats of the city. Everything LiveNinja does, including product development, recruiting, customer support, and even "Waffle Wednesdays" is done with genuine passion for making others happy. The founders, Will Weinraub, Alfonso Martinez and Emilio Cueto as well as the team share a unique desire to pursue complete satisfaction of their customers.

"Comcast Ventures has been an incredible partner for LiveNinja. They’re always available when we need them, extremely well-connected, and always willing to help," said Will Weinraub, CEO & Co-founder of LiveNinja "We couldn’t ask for a better team to work with as we scale the company."

We’re thrilled about the team and the company’s potential, and are also excited to be partnering with great value-add investors at Scout Ventures, Citi Ventures, Anzu Partners, and a host of top Miami angels. If you’re looking for ways to deepen your customer relationships, look no further than LiveNinja.