What was it like being transgender and getting drafted for the Vietnam War? What was it like starting a family as a lesbian in 1965?

Those are the types of questions that are tackled in a new docu-series titled, What Was It Like? which premieres today on Xfinity On Demand.

The series is from I'm From Driftwood, a nonprofit that aims to boost awareness of LGBTQ issues, communities and stories, and conveys the perspective of a generation that was told to keep their stories and lives in the closet. Since March 2009, I’m From Driftwood has collected and shared first-person accounts from LGBT people to create a sense of community, increase empathy, drive social change, and preserve LGBTQ history.

The new docu-series features stories from LGBT seniors like Sandy Warshaw, the first director of advocacy and training for SAGE, the country’s largest and oldest organization dedicated to improving the lives of LGBT older adults. In the series, Sandy reveals what it was like to find her voice and learn to advocate for the lives of LGBT older adults, including her own life, at the highest levels of our government.

Click here to read SAGE’s blog post on the launch of "What Was It Like?"

Much of this content, along with What Was It Like? can be found within the Xfinity LGBT FILM & TV Collection for the next two-weeks. The series will then be available for free to the public online, as well as continue to be part of the Xfinity LGBT FILM & TV Collection.

I’m From Driftwood is featured in the Xfinity LGBT FILM & TV Collection both on Xfinity On Demand and at Xfinity.com/LGBT. On Xfinity X1, customers can use the voice remote to find all LGBT entertainment or say "LGBT" to browse the entire collection.