Bonjour! Next week, my colleagues and I will represent Comcast at the OpenStack "Kilo" Summit in Paris. The summit is a five-day conference for developers, operators, and administrators of OpenStack. We all have a common passion for technology and we thrive on well-designed architecture and engineering solutions. 

Our week will be spent giving and moderating presentations, participating in panel discussions, coordinating future development, meeting users and developers, and expanding our knowledge in OpenStack. We are very excited to have Mark Muehl, our Senior Vice President of Software Development & Engineering moderating the Headline Panel: Global Enterprise IT Companies Supporting OpenStack. In addition, some of the sessions that Comcast will be presenting in are: CI/CD in practiceIPv6 Features in Juno and Building OpenStack near the users.

OpenStack has allowed our engineers to produce new levels of agility and speed. We believe in the open source paradigm, promoting community collaboration, and providing excellent service to our customers. Recently, Comcast helped participate in the OpenStack Architecture Design Guide book sprint and lead the IPv6 efforts, which are now part of the latest OpenStack release, Juno. We are one of the top contributors for the Kilo, Juno, and Icehouse releases: as of today we have contributed more than 35,000 lines of code to OpenStack. Our commitment to OpenStack is greater than ever, as we’ve increased our infrastructure by more than 500 percent in the last year. We believe that by being involved in this initiative, we will expand our skills and help develop an incredible product. We’re looking forward to seeing the constant progress of OpenStack and will continue to do what we can to assist with this vast effort.