In our last blog post about the Comcast Mobile app, we told you about how you can remotely program your DVR from your iPhone or iPod touch. In our latest release, version 2.5, we are introducing some new features that make our services even more accessible.

If you have our Triple Play, you may already have Caller ID on your TV and PC so when you get a call on your home phone you can see the caller's name and phone number. With the Comcast Mobile app version 2.5, we are extending Caller ID to the iPhone and iPod touch. Now when someone calls your home phone, you will get a caller ID notification as you normally would, and you'll receive a real-time notification on your iPhone or iPod touch informing you of the call. The app doesn't need to be running for a user to see the notification. And you can call or text the caller back right from the app (if you are on the iPhone, not the iPod touch). This makes Caller ID service truly universal: available on the TV, PC and now on mobile.

In addition to Caller ID, we have added some personalized features that make the app more efficient. Prior to this release, when you opened the app a main menu screen appeared. Because we received feedback from many users that they often use our app for one or two primary tasks, we are now providing customers with the option to skip the main menu and go straight to the feature of their choice upon log-in. Say you only want to use the phone features - now you can select "Digital Voice" as your main menu screen. Or if you only really use a few key features in the app and want to re-order the main menu, you can move the main menu options so they appear in the order you prefer. These new additions to the app make it easier to use.

Another new feature is Comcast's Universal ID. Universal ID is now available to all Comcast customers, including video and voice subscribers, and customers can use their Universal ID to log into the Comcast Mobile app to use the services they subscribe to, such as video customers being able to access myDVR Manager from the app. (Note: With this release, voice-only subscribers won't have access to phone-based features if they don't have a high-speed Internet subscription. We are working to enable voice-only access soon).

The last new feature is landscape mode for TV listings. Now the entire Guide experience, including myDVR Manager, can be viewed in landscape view. Simply turn your iPhone or iPod touch horizontally and it will change to landscape mode, which makes all Guide functions easier to navigate.

Our goal is to make sure our customers have anytime, anywhere access to our services. And we will continue to enhance the Comcast Mobile app with new features and functionality. As always, we welcome any feedback you may have about our app.

Stay tuned for more exciting enhancements coming your way.

Note: Universal Caller ID is not yet available in all areas. If you have Universal Caller ID on your TV and PC at home, then caller ID should also appear on your Comcast Mobile app.