Comcast has a long history of investing in programs that support both technical research and open source development. Today we are excited to take that commitment to the next level with the launch of the Comcast Technology Research & Development Fund. This new effort will increase the resources we devote to research and development and reflects our commitment to keeping our company a leader in technology.

We know full well that in today’s competitive marketplace, no company can thrive without making significant investments in the future. And we recognize that many of the future innovations we will deliver to our customers will derive from ideas and research that originate outside of our company. To continue our support for R&D and to support the best talent wherever it may reside, this fund is intended to supercharge these third-party research and development efforts.

It also will deliver new resources to leading and emerging researchers at academic institutions and elsewhere to engage in long-term research into technologies and applications that are of mutual interest to Comcast and the research community, as well as provide funding for open source software development. Researchers who are selected to participate in the program will have access to resources ranging from financial support, network data access where feasible (privacy-protected, of course) and hands-on support from our extensive and experienced network of engineers.

Today we are also announcing our first few grant recipients:

  • Support for a new Open Home Gateway Forum, to develop open source-based home gateway software

  • Support for RIPE Atlas, RIPE NCC’s global Internet measurement network that will now expand more fully in the U.S. 

To learn more about the Comcast Technology Research & Development Fund and read more about existing and future grant activity, check out