It seems like only yesterday that we launched Comcast High-Speed 2go in Portland, and now it is available in Atlanta (and coming soon in Philadelphia and Chicago). With High-Speed 2go folks in Atlanta and Portland can get online anywhere using a 4G wireless network which provides the fastest available wireless Internet in the nation via a wireless data card.

The neat thing about High-Speed 2go is the "Fast Pack." The Fast Pack bundles your home Comcast Internet connection with a High-Speed 2go card so you can get online quickly and easily no matter where you happen to be.

High-Speed 2go comes in two flavors:

  • Comcast High-Speed 2go Metro: This is the 4G only plan, which gives you the fastest wireless data service, but only works within the 4G metro coverage area.
  • Comcast High-Speed 2go Nationwide: This card will use the faster 4G network when you’re in a metro area with it, but it also includes access to Sprint’s national 3G network. So if you’re in an area where 4G isn’t available, this card will connect to the 3G network and you’ll still be able to get online and read Comcast Voices (what else would you be doing on the Internet?).

For pricing, coverage maps, and FAQs check out