In 2006, we were the first to bring customers same day as the DVD movies On Demand. Over the years, we've broadened both the number of studios we work with and we've grown the number of day-and-date movies we offer customers. This year, we brought our customers more than 200 same day as DVD releases, double the amount we brought them in 2009. The response? These movies are more popular than ever and customers are embracing them in record numbers.

In 2010, customers watched hit movies such as, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, The Blind Side, Couples Retreat and Hot Tub Time Machine -- the same day the movies were released on DVD. This year, nine of the top ten performing movies On Demand were day-and-date titles and these films continue to be among the top-performing content On Demand.

As we get ready to close out another year, we look forward to continuing our work with the major studios and content providers to bring our customers more value for their subscription and bring them the entertainment choices they love both On Demand and online.