The cable industry has gathered this week at the 2013 NCTA Cable Show in Washington, D.C., and as a result some of the most exciting and interesting advancements in the world of cable, video and technology are on display.    

This annual event is fertile ground to view and experience what currently has the industry and consumer electronics world buzzing.  This year is no exception.  At our booth on the conference floor, Comcast is demonstrating the first public U.S. based delivery of 4K Ultra HD video over our fiber/HFC cable network.  This emerging video standard is one of the highest quality television pictures possible today, and could become the next-generation of video entertainment.   

4K Ultra HD offers a display resolution four times greater than today’s 1080p high-definition standard, with each video frame containing an amazing 8 million pixels.  While there is a limited amount of 4K Ultra HD content out there right now, 4K Ultra HD televisions and video equipment are becoming more widely available.  And advancements in this technology are happening quickly – much the way they did with HD a few years ago.  

While we wait to see just how rapidly 4K Ultra HD technology will progress, Comcast’s demonstration at the 2013 NCTA Cable Show shows our network is ready to meet the demands of next-gen video technologies right now. 

Today we transmitted a segment of Universal Film’s recently released blockbuster, Oblivion, scenes from SyFy’s Defiance and nature content all shot in 4K Ultra HD to various devices.  We delivered the transmission from our Comcast Labs facility in Denver, CO over our high-speed National Fiber Backbone to the Washington, D.C. system, where we received it and then sent it over our DOCSIS 3.0 network to the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. Comcast’s demonstration of 4K Ultra HD over our network is another milestone in a long history of revolutionizing the way consumers experience TV – as we were one of the first companies to offer VOD, HD and 3D. With ample capacity in our existing network, and the tools to distribute this next-gen video format, Comcast is ready to deliver tomorrow's experiences today.