Over the last few weeks I have been meeting with the customer care leaders who handle our most complex service calls. When they talk to customers, it is usually because the customers’ issues weren’t resolved the first time around.

These team members are highly trained experts who are passionate about taking care of our customers.  They know firsthand what frustrates customers most, and they go above and beyond every day. Hearing from them and getting their insights is critical as we continue to deliver the experiences our customers deserve.

Going forward, we will be getting these customer care leaders more involved in helping us identify our greatest opportunities for improvement. They have a lot to teach us about addressing some of our biggest problems, ranging from call transfers, to missed appointments, to equipment returns (something we’re actively addressing with our new partnership with The UPS Store).  These teams also know what’s resonating well with customers.  For example, they hear a lot about how customers want options for how they talk to us and how they manage their services.  That’s why we’re investing so much in tools like the My Account app, which lets customers troubleshoot on their own, pay their bill, and manage appointments from their mobile device. 

We need to keep learning from these folks as we work to make each interaction our customers have with us excellent.