Hispanic Heritage Month allows me to celebrate my culture and my family’s contributions to our country. It’s also a time to recognize the huge role Latin Americans play in today’s society.

At Comcast, we celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month with our third annual Freeview Latino and our new Spanish language program guide on the X1 platform.

Freeview Latino, the biggest Hispanic On Demand event, gave XFINITY TV customers an all-access pass from September 21st to October 4th to watch thousands of Latino entertainment choices on XFINITY On Demand, XFINITY.com/Latino, and on the XFINITY TV Go app. This year, Freeview Latino offered new early TV show premieres, more telenovelas and movie choices, including my favorite movie "The Vow" in Spanish.

The company also launched our X1 program guide en español, allowing customers to find their favorite shows via the X1 program guide in Spanish. What’s even more incredible is when a customer navigates the X1 guide in Spanish, the X1 voice remote will recognize commands spoken in Spanish. This is an extraordinary, first-of-its-kind feature, especially for our bicultural customers who describe themselves as bilingual.

I’ve had the pleasure of not only introducing this ground-breaking interface to my family, but also to our customers. As the Customer Service Center Operations Director of 31 XFINITY and legacy stores in the Greater Chicago market, I interact with customers on a daily basis. This new technology is helping to bridge the technology gap between our customers who primarily speak Spanish, by giving them the choice to use the X1 interface in Spanish or English. And, our Spanish-speaking customers truly appreciate the Spanish-language X1 program guide. I’ve heard a customer say, "I’m no longer afraid to learn and understand the latest technology because it’s so simple, even I can do this. All I have to do is talk into the remote!"

Hearing responses like this makes my heart sing. It also reminds me why diversity and inclusion is essential to our company. Great teams are built from diverse groups, with people who can make huge contributions by sharing innovative ideas within our organization. That is how products such as the X1 platform, X1 en español, and the talking guide remote were created. I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month than by sharing the X1 program guide en español with our customers.