Almost exactly one year ago on Comcast Cares Day, I helped to stuff grocery bags at a local food pantry in my hometown of Houston, Texas. It was a sweltering Saturday morning, and I was joined by many volunteers - my daughter, Comcast employees, neighbors and community partners - as part of a project to help the Food Bank fight hunger.

A massive line of men and women stood in the sun waiting for food donations. We worked away, knowing that the few hours we worked would be greatly appreciated by many people in need. One of the things that most stands out in my mind from that day is the Executive Director of the Food Bank shedding tears when Brian Roberts, our CEO, handed her our Comcast contribution (check out this interview with Brian on Fox News about Comcast Cares Day). She thanked us for making a difference in the lives of her constituents but seeing the impact on the pantry was all the thanks we needed.

I love Comcast Cares Day, and I’m not alone in that sentiment. It is a one day culmination of our year-round efforts to serve the communities where our employees and customers live and work.

Comcast Cares Day is one of the largest corporate efforts of its kind in the country. Since this tradition began in 2001, more than 170,000 volunteers have delivered over one million hours of service. Last year alone, an amazing 50,000 volunteers blanketed 37 states and Washington, D.C., painting school walls, landscaping parks, repairing playground equipment, and simply helping those most in need.

Comcast Cares Day is tomorrow and we’re expecting 50,000 volunteers again. They will finish their day with tired muscles and smiles on their faces, knowing that they’ve made a difference. We say that Comcast powers dreams in the communities we serve and Comcast Cares Day is that thought put into practice.

I’ll be in Atlanta and Chattanooga for what promises to be a long and rewarding day. I’m looking forward to meeting new friends, and creating new memories, that will last a lifetime