Mobility is a super trend that is taking over small, medium and large businesses. According to Gartner research, 34 percent of the US workforce is completely mobile, and 90 percent of employees regularly work outside of the corporate headquarters, including teleworkers, remote offices, virtual teams, field personnel and traveling employees. 

People are working "on the go" now more than ever and business owners can no longer ignore the benefits of supporting an "anywhere office." Increases in productivity, employee-to-employee communication, customer responsiveness and employee satisfaction have all been cited as major drivers of businesses implementing a mobility strategy. 

With all of these factors in mind, we have added a set of new mobile capabilities to Business VoiceEdge™, our cloud-based,hosted PBX solution. Thousands of businesses have turned to our award-winning Business VoiceEdge to move their phone systems into the cloud and replace their legacy phone equipment. 

By being cloud-enabled, businesses can provide their employees with a seamless communications experience as they venture out of the office to customer meetings, to visit other offices, or to work from home, allowing them to stay connected and productive from just about anywhere. 

The new mobile capabilities include a Mobile App, Teleworker support, Softphone and HD Video Calling.

Here’s a closer look:


  • The VoiceEdge mobile app is a free download for iOS and Android operating systems, and gives you an easy-to-use interface to manage business voicemail and the popular Be Anywhere feature, which allows a user to define where they can answer their business calls…anywhere, anytime. 


  • The Teleworker feature gives home-based employees all of the capabilities of Business VoiceEdge.


  • The Softphone is available for PC or Mac, and allows users to make and receive phone and video calls directly from their computer using their business phone number.


  • When used in conjunction with the Business VoiceEdge softphone, the Video calling feature provides point-to-point HD-quality video calls.

With Business VoiceEdge, Comcast Business provides the communications tools to collaborate, 

innovate and meet the needs of a mobile-first workforce.