The Philadelphia tech scene is a vibrant one with a range of companies developing next generation technologies, including apps, cloud-based services, and more. We’re fortunate to have such great companies in Philadelphia, as we often get the chance to work with many of them directly. 

To that end, I’m very pleased to announce that one local company has joined the Comcast family. OneTwoSee, sports technology and data company in Philadelphia, will now be part of our broader sports technology team. They not only bolster our efforts to build a best-in-class sports TV experience but also underscore our commitment to partnering with and investing in the local start-up community in this great city. I’d like to personally welcome Jason Angelides, Chris Reynolds and the rest of their team; they will retain their Philadelphia offices – just across the street from the Comcast Center – and report up through me.

OneTwoSee has played a huge role in our efforts to make X1 an awesome place for sports fans. In the past year, we’ve worked with them to reengineer our X1 sports app - initially launched with the platform to help fans check scores, standings, and schedules for games – into an interactive and immersive companion experience giving fans more data and statistics than ever before.

Usage of the sports app is now up fivefold from the winter of 2015 and now used by one in four X1 households on a weekly basis.

All of this could not have been possible without OneTwoSee. Today’s news puts us on pace to continue to redefine how fans watch sports by bringing together the best product – X1 -- and innovative technology minds and OneTwoSee’s powerful stats visualization platform all under one company.

Chris Reynolds, cofounder and CEO of OneTwoSee, echoes the same excitement: "We are delighted to be joining the Comcast family. In the early days of OneTwoSee, Comcast showed confidence in our four person team by becoming our first commercial customer and our relationship has continued to flourish through the growth of the X1 platform and as we look to the future we see limitless opportunities to keep innovating. We’ll do this on the first-screen through X1, but we also won’t abandon the opportunities this type of technology presents on the second screen and we’re going to continue to support our existing partners in that space as well. We couldn’t be more pleased."

OneTwoSee cofounders Jason Angelides (left) and Chris Reynolds.

Moving forward, we’ll look to build upon the collaborative relationships that Chris and Jason have forged with network programmers and digital media companies on future sports technology innovations. For more information about our track record of entrepreneurial partnerships, please visit