At Comcast, we’re committed to revolutionizing the way you watch TV by making it more relevant and personal with platforms like X1. We know that more people are watching TV with their mobile devices and laptops. Last June, Tony Werner shared his vision for the future of television with the audience at TV of Tomorrow. We’re thrilled by the continued success of our Xfinity TV App, downloaded over 7 million times, which is a great way to remotely control your Comcast set-top box and watch content on your mobile device anytime, anywhere.

Today we’re excited to share that we’re partnering with over 30 TV networks, from NBCUniversal, HBO and Cinemax, to bring new interactivity and discovery to TV with Zeebox, a fast-growing TV-viewing companion app.

Zeebox stands out in the social TV space because it puts context around content. For every show on TV, Zeebox creates a unique environment for engaging with the show — social feeds, the latest news, specific topic-by-topic "Zeetag" links, and related music and apps. For its partner networks, Zeebox will feature even richer content supplied by the show’s producers, including polls, tweets from the stars, custom content, video clips and more. Users will find their shows more fun, engaging and social.

The free Zeebox app also allows users to personalize their TV experience, creating a virtual companion to their viewing. It integrates with Facebook and Twitter to enable social discovery and allows fans to engage with each other and celebrities around live TV. Zeebox’s cloud-based app synchronizes users’ mobile devices with whatever they are viewing on TV and enhances it with relevant content and experiences from the Web, providing in-depth information about the shows, stars, topics and products on TV. The app gives users an effortless way to discover, interact and socialize across a range of programs while watching their favorite television programs.

Zeebox is run by a group of talented and passionate engineers who love entertainment and got their start enhancing TV in the U.K. We’re fortunate they’re now bringing their talents to the U.S.

Watch Ryan Lawler’s interview with Zeebox co-founder Anthony Rose to learn more.

You can get the free Zeebox app for iOS here
and for Android devices on Google Play here, or use it on the Web at