The FCC and Department of Justice have made substantial progress toward approval of the Comcast-GE transaction relating to NBC Universal. We are gratified that the FCC Chairman's Office has circulated an Order to the offices of all Commissioners that would lead to approval of our transaction. We thank the FCC transaction team and all staff, as well as the Justice Department team, for their thorough review. After nearly a year, with one of the longest public comment periods in transaction review history, the filing of thousands of substantive comments, and the production of over 500,000 pages of documents by Comcast, we look forward to an expeditious vote in January by the full Commission approving the transaction.

Starting on the day of the deal's announcement, we have emphasized that this transaction is pro-competitive, pro-consumer, and will deliver real public interest benefits. We made a number of significant commitments on day one designed to assure the government and the public that the public interest would be served and these benefits realized. And we have continued to refine and enhance our commitments throughout the year-long review by the FCC and the DOJ.

We believe the draft FCC order as circulated ensures these benefits will be realized and will enable us to operate the NBC Universal and legacy Comcast businesses in an appropriate way. We will continue to work with the Commissioners so that the FCC Order will not undermine our business combination and will ensure that consumers will benefit and that competitors are treated fairly.

We also appreciate the unprecedented outpouring of support -- over 1,000 positive endorsement letters at the FCC -- that this transaction has received; and the input and cooperation of organizations with whom we have worked on public interest commitments and Memorandums of Understanding. The supporters include over 400 elected officials; intergovernmental organizations like the National Conference of State Legislators, National Association of Black County Officials, National Conference of Hispanic Legislators; national diversity groups including the NAACP, National Urban League, National Action Network, National Hispanic Leadership Agenda, Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility, Asian American Justice Center; advertisers; labor unions; over 135 local chambers of commerce; independent programmers and networks like HDNet, NFL Network, Outdoor Channel, CoLoursTV, Tribeca Enterprises, Snagfilms; and hundreds of community partners, businesses and others.

We look forward to the exciting future these two companies have together.