My team is constantly thinking of ways to deliver more value to Hispanic consumers, the fastest growing demographic in the country. We know that for many of these households, family is first and so today I’m happy to welcome two new TV networks to our growing list of diverse children’s programming: Kids Central and Primo.

Crafted by Hispanics for Hispanic families, both of these English-language networks fulfill a space of bicultural content that strikes a perfect balance between educational and entertainment programming.

Kids Central consists of age-appropriate programming that appeals to bicultural Hispanic viewers ages 3-7.  In primetime, Kids Central expands its audience with a block of family-oriented programming targeted to the whole family.  Primo will appeal to bicultural Hispanic viewers ages 6-16 and consist of programming with high educational value and entertainment standards.  Kids Central and Primo are both independent, minority-owned networks.

Over the past few months, we’ve worked hard to evolve the bicultural experience across our platform by delivering an array of products and services such as Bicultural Kids zone, our partnership with Common Sense Media that allows us to offer safe age-appropriate programming, new networks on our TV Everywhere offering, Spanish-language voice remote recognition, and language of choice options via SAP Zone.

I invite you to enjoy the unique viewing experience that Kids Central and Primo have to offer, starting in January.