This is the first post in a series, called the Comcast 5, in which we ask Comcasters a simple question: "What are you watching?"

Since I’m the Chief Blogger I thought it only fair that write the inaugural Comcast 5 post. Given that it is summer, traditionally the domain of reruns on TV, you might think I’d have a tough time coming up with five shows I’m watching on a regular basis. Thankfully for a TV loving sun avoider, like myself, summer shows are heating up (get it?).

Here are my top five shows of the summer, listed in no particular order:

  • Pawn Stars - I’ve long been a huge fan of the History Channel (Engineering an Empire has to be my favorite History Channel show ever: Robocop + ancient history = awesome) and Pawn Stars is just another reason to watch. If you aren’t familiar with the show, it stars a family (and some friends) who own and operate a pawn shop in Las Vegas. Think Antiques Roadshow meets the Strip and you have a good idea of how this show works. People bring in unusual items, Rich (he owns the shop) invites experts to come in and appraise said items, and then the commerce begins.
  • Top Chef: DC - I love to eat, and I enjoy reality TV so by law I have to watch Bravo’s perennial hit: Top Chef. This year the cheftestants are cooking up drama and food in DC. It is still early in the season, so I.m not rooting for anyone in particular yet.
  • The Next Food Network Star - Once I’m done with Top Chef I turn to The Next Food Network Star. Top Chef is all about the food, while TNFNS is all about finding the next Rachael Ray (or Guy Fieri, who got his start by winning a past season of The Next Food Network Star). This show holds a special place in my heart because I host a (now on hiatus) video cooking podcast with my wife.
  • American Pickers - A couple of years ago I could count the number of garage sales I’ve attended on one hand. Nowadays I’ve lost count of how many garage sales, antique stores, and junk stores I’ve been to. What changed? I married a garage sale aficionado, and my life has never been the same. Imagine our delight when the History Channel started airing American Pickers. This show chronicles the journey of two ‘pickers’ as they travel the back roads of the United States looking for cool stuff to buy. They love seeing houses with tons of old cars and junk in the yard because that means picking is going to be good. They spend hours crawling through attics and barns looking for buried treasure, and I have to say it is very entertaining to watch.
  • Rubicon - I bet you haven’t heard of Rubicon yet… it is a brand new original conspiracy theory laden series from AMC which premieres on August 1st. I know what you’re thinking, "That isn’t for weeks! You must be using your awesome cable industry connections to get a sneak peek. Jerk." Nope, you can watch the first episode just like I did: On Demand. Judging from the first episode I’m calling Rubicon the most promising new show of the summer season. It might not be for everyone, but I really enjoyed it.

And those are are my top five summer TV series, all of which are available On Demand for your viewing pleasure. What have you been watching as of late? Let me know in the comments, I’m always up for trying something new.