You have probably watched television programs with closed captions at home, at the gym or in an airport while waiting to catch a flight. Now you can watch captioned videos on the go with the latest version of the Xfinity TV Player app for iOS and Android devices. While captions ― the scrolling text at the bottom of the screen that provides access to dialog, sound effects, music and other audio elements of a program ― are essential for people who are deaf or hard of hearing, they have become a valuable tool for many of our viewers. As the world becomes increasingly more mobile we want to bring mobility to all of our customers and closed captioning enables us to do just that.

What's available?

Today you can access full-length prerecorded TV shows and movies with closed captions on using a computer or the Xfinity TV Player app for iOS or Android devices. A"CC" button appears when a video that has captions is accessed from the mobile app. also offers the ability to browse for captioned content. Select the Closed Captioning icon in the filters box to view a complete list of videos with closed captions.

Comcast is committed to making our products accessible to the widest possible audience.