In less than a month, on April 26th, tens of thousands of volunteers will wield paint brushes, work gloves and garden shovels to make change happen in the communities we serve. 

It’s part of a tradition that has been in the making since 2001, when we hosted our first Comcast Cares Day with about 6,100 volunteers in our corporate hometown of Philadelphia. Since then, Comcast and NBCUniversal have mobilized a total of more than 500,000 volunteers to give more than 3 million service hours at more than 5,000 community projects. 

Last year alone, more than 85,000 of our employees, and their families and friends pitched in with our nonprofit partners to improve local schools, parks, and other community sites in the United States and six countries abroad. We are proud that Comcast Cares Day has grown to become the nation’s largest single-day corporate service effort. 

There are many reasons why Comcast Cares Day is an important part of how our company gives back, including the engagement of our employees. According to a recent internal survey, employees who participate in Comcast Cares Day have a more favorable experience at work and a more favorable opinion of their workplace than those who do not participate. Our Cares Day volunteers are also more likely to be proud to work at our company and recommend Comcast as a great place to work to others.  

There are so many other benefits of Comcast Cares Day, including the stories we hear from our nonprofit partners of the long-lasting impact the day has made for them and their community. When it comes down to it, giving back is fun, too. 

I invite you join in the excitement of our upcoming Comcast Cares Day by viewing the video above, and following the conversation on Twitter with hashtag #ccday. On April 26th, you can find me volunteering at projects in Atlanta and Nashville. I’m looking forward to another successful Cares Day, and hope you are, too!