Tonight it will be my great privilege to see my friend and colleague – Comcast Chief Technology Officer Tony Werner – inducted into the Cable Hall of Fame.  Tony’s deep knowledge of cable’s technological DNA, and his passion for innovation have uniquely positioned him to disrupt our industry in profound and meaningful ways.  He has truly earned this unique honor.

Comcast’s evolution into a media and technology leader did not happen by accident. While many people contributed to bringing that vision to fruition, it would not have been possible without Tony’s technological brilliance and leadership.

Tony’s role in building industry-leading leading products and services, like the X1 Entertainment Operating System, has helped to transform Comcast from a technology consumer to a cutting-edge technology creator. His vision fuels a dynamic team effort that has accelerated the pace of innovation throughout the company.

I have been particularly inspired by Tony’s advancement of cloud-based technology, which has turbocharged our product development cycles and enabled customers to take their Xfinity experiences with them wherever they go.

Indeed, we can thank Tony for his leadership in countless technology "firsts" for Comcast and our industry.  

Tony’s professional achievements are extraordinary, but his soft-spoken loyalty, humility and humor make him irreplaceable. I’m proud to work with Tony. I’m proud to see him receive the recognition he has earned. I’m even prouder to call him my friend.