Back in 2010, Xfinity TV launched Cinema Asian America on Xfinity On Demand, a unique service which features Asian-Pacific American and Asian programming, and is the only one of its kind in the nation. Each month, I curate a collection of films around ideas that are in the zeitgeist and national conversation, from focuses on foodie films, to the balancing acts of daily life in America. It's like having a film festival in your living room.

To celebrate Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month, I put together a special collection of films that showcase the diversity, creativity and dynamism of the Asian American community. These films and specials are at the heart of Xfinity TV's May offerings.

The collection includes documentaries that highlight the lives of iconic figures — famous and infamous, loved and hated, comedic and militant — but all unique. Some films I recommend seeing include Sorceress of the New Piano, a portrait of New York-based, Singaporean avant-garde musician Margaret Leng Tan, most well known for her performance of the toy piano and Aoki, a film about the life of Richard Aoki, a third generation Japanese American and a civil rights activist. Another favorite of mine is Kimjongilia, which gives viewers a glimpse into North Korean society through the cult of personality built around the late Kim Jong Il. All of these films reveal the complexity and reality of individuals who often loom larger than life, and are but just three of the many films available during Asian Pacific American Heritage Month on Xfinity TV. Come check out these films and others, and become part of the conversation on Xfinity On Demand.