It’s that time of year again – time to gear up and head back to school. Many of you have children starting high school or college, or perhaps some of you are returning to school yourselves. Before you know it, you will be hit with school assignments, papers, and mounds of homework.

In today’s digital age, our school work is completed on the computer more than ever. With the added convenience of these tools comes the risk that your weeks of research, reviews and documentation could be instantly lost because of a computer failure or virus. With all of the stress at school, do you really have time to remember to backup your files to an external hard drive? Did you know that in a recent poll of Comcast High-Speed Internet customers, we found that nearly 60% of customers only backed up their files every month or later – some only once a year! That’s a lot time between backups – and a lot of work you could lose.

The good news is that as a Comcast High-Speed Internet customer, you can download Secure Backup & Share. It automatically backs up your important files when your computer is connected to the internet and stores them on secure servers. So no more worrying about having to backup your computer – and no more cumbersome CDs and disks to keep track of. Need to access your backed up research paper between classes? No problem! Once your files are backed up you can access them from an internet connection (or compatible mobile phone) through your personal online vault. The best news? You get 2GB of online storage at no additional cost with your Comcast High-Speed Internet subscription.

This September, between getting your new books and supplies - get protected with online backup and help avoid a headache later this year.