Since the 60s, Hollywood has delighted viewers around the world with futuristic TV shows like Get Smart, Star TrekThe Jetsons, and Knight Rider where characters would speak into high tech watches and gadgets on their wrist. Fast-forward to today, where those futuristic visions are a reality.

Today, we are thrilled to announce that our Xfinity TV app will be available on the Apple Watch when it launches on April 24.

Whether at home or on the go, X1 users can now quickly and easily change the channel, manage their DVR, pause, fast-forward and rewind, all with the sound of their voice or a few taps on the Apple Watch.  Plus, you can search for movies, shows, actors, sports teams, musicians or speak customized searches into the watch like: "What’s on tonight at 8?" or "Are there any baseball games on?" and you’ll see it on your TV screen.

The Xfinity TV app will automatically install itself on a customer’s Apple Watch, provided they already have it downloaded to their iPhone. When logged in, X1 customers will enjoy seamless control of every X1 set top in the home. From tuning channels and launching DVR recordings to browsing live broadcast TV listings or recently viewed programming, the Xfinity TV app provides fast, one-touch control of your X1 entertainment experience wherever you are. 

As advancements in technology continue to foster rapid innovation, we will remain focused on providing our customers with the best entertainment experiences across devices. We are excited to integrate Xfinity products into new and emerging devices like the Apple Watch that extend our services in unique and innovative ways. 

To get started, download the Xfinity TV app here