Almost four years ago, I was accepted into the Emma L. Bowen Foundation. Since then, my professional, communication, organization and networking skills have been enhanced through my annual internships with Comcast. The Emma L. Bowen Foundation is a spectacular organization with a simple, yet powerful mission of partnering with leading media companies to prepare minority students for careers in the media, entertainment and international industries. The Foundation takes students from around the world and catapults their careers into future leaders, executives and presidents.

Comcast, a company that prides itself on diversity and is leading supporter of the Emma L. Bowen Foundation, recently hosted its annual career event for its rising junior and senior Emma Bowen interns at its headquarters in Philadelphia. As a rising senior at Spelman College, I had the privilege of attending this amazing conference. This annual conference allows Comcast interns from across the United States to gain additional personal and professional development to further prepare them for promising careers.

Along with the numerous workshops and team building exercises, Comcast invited past Emma L. Bowen alumni to address the conference attendees about their educational and social experiences as past interns and as current employees. The panel was moderated by PHL 17 reporter, Ashley Johnson, an Emma Bowen alumnus who interned with the PHL 17 station for six summers.