Though not as popular as they once were, residential white page phone books are still around. The trouble is more and more people don't use or want the white pages any longer since they only provide local information that becomes outdated almost as soon as they are printed. Vast amounts of natural resources are wasted annually to print the books that wind up in the recycling pile. This is especially troubling considering that 5 million trees are cut down each year to create white pages phone books and it costs taxpayers $17 million to turn around and recycle them.* Telephone book volume continues to grow - approximately 540 million phone books are now delivered each year.**

Thanks to the internet, individuals have various other options available to find people and businesses beyond their county. However many contain inaccurate data or have a lag time of 30 - 45 days before changes are updated. Then there are the privacy concerns. Some online people search sites offer information above and beyond traditional directory listings (name, address, phone number), by providing users with a map to people's homes, family members' names and ages, and past addresses. Some sites offer paid services to provide searchers with personal background reports and criminal record data.

Comcast has a solution with, an online directory listing search site designed to provide users with a one stop shop for their phone search needs. contains the residential, commercial, and governmental listings found in phone books across the nation, condensed into a single website. is powered by over 135 million records of people, businesses, and municipalities nationwide. Those 135 million records are updated each week to ensure that search results on our site reflect the most up to date information available. provides simply the name, address, and telephone number without any of the intrusive data that other sites may include.

The service is available in several online locations:


To opt out of receiving printed telephone books, visit and fill out the form. will contact telephone directory organizations to cease distributing any future directories to your address.


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