Every morning, in communities across the United States, thousands of Comcast technicians get in their trucks and take to the roads in order to ensure service for millions of customers. 

It’s a job that requires our technicians to wear several hats and demonstrate a wide array of skills during the course of their workday. First off, they need to be able to relate to customers from all walks of life. They use their skills and expertise to run cable in a precise and efficient manner. They demonstrate a high level of technical aptitude to connect our customers to our network, and ultimately to one another. Our CommTechs are also clear communicators who educate customers about the features of our products and services. 

I do not often have the opportunity to experience Comcast’s field operations in the same way as those on our frontline. The embedded videos offer a glimpse into a day with Dirk, a CommTech 4 in Florida, and Doug, a CommTech Supervisor in Pennsylvania. As you travel with them throughout their days, you’ll quickly see that they demonstrate the qualities and skills listed above. 

I want to acknowledge the hard work and great customer service that Dirk, Doug, and all of our dedicated Technicians devote to their jobs day after day and in all manner of conditions and elements. Our CommTechs are the face of Comcast for our customers. We appreciate their representation, service, and dedication.