Comcast is working hard to ensure that every interaction we have with our customer is excellent. Comcast Talent Acquisition (TA), from our West, Central, Northeast Divisions and Headquarters, has embraced this goal by actively applying it towards our own top priority – the Candidate Experience.  Just as there is competition for our customers' business, there is an even greater competition to attract the top talent our business needs in order to grow in this ever-changing technology landscape. 

We are extremely proud to announce that Comcast was recently awarded a 2015 CandE Award, an honor given to companies that receive the highest ratings from a survey of job applicants (new hires, interviewed candidates, and non-selects) on their applicant journey. This achievement reflects the collaborative efforts of the TA team, Human Resources partners and hiring managers across the organization.

Here are five ways we are enhancing the candidate experience:

  1. Engaging the Candidate

    Comcast recruiters take pride in finding the best fit for candidates by understanding their unique skillsets and personal goals. With enterprise-wide knowledge of current talent needs, recruiters can serve up a comprehensive view into opportunities that best align to the candidate’s priorities.

  2. Providing Excellent Candidate Care

    Comcast candidates are provided with a personalized and seamless interview experience – from start to finish. Our dedicated Candidate Care teams strive to deliver white glove treatment, scheduling each piece of a candidate's interview day – travel arrangements, hotel accommodations, meals, and more – in order to create a relaxing, positive and cohesive process for the candidate.

  3. Enhancing

    Following a series of usability tests and surveys, the team identified multiple opportunities to enhance the User Experience of, including providing mobile apply and enhanced search. In an effort to be more transparent while enriching our job descriptions, we produced a series of unscripted "day in the life" job preview videos in order to give candidates a glimpse into the daily lives of our most-hired for and desired positions. 

  4. Providing Transparency via Social Media

    Our dedicated @ComcastCareers social media team shares daily tidbits of information about the company, career advice, and more. Additionally, we provide exclusive, real time candidate care through platforms including TwitterFacebookLinkedInInstagram and more. The team holds regular Twitter chats featuring a round-table of internal experts that aid in answering the job seeker’s pressing questions. 

  5. Building a Talent Rich Recruiting Team

    Employing passionate, customer focused recruiters is critical to the mission of an excellent Candidate Experience. Through the commitment to our own hiring practices and in close partnership with our HR and business partners, we covet the role we play in carrying out the vision of our organization’s future.

We are honored for the recognition of the work we have done to date, but we know there is room for improvement. It is our mission to provide every applicant with great tools, a high level of respect, responsiveness, and engagement from the moment they connect with us. Want to experience it for yourself? Search jobs now at, or I invite you to say hello or provide your feedback on any one of our @ComcastCareers social platforms.

Cheers to your career.