2015 was a big year for X1. Headlining the year, we launched the voice remote, significantly enhanced our sports app, created Kids Zone, kicked off a beta version of Xfinity Games in partnership with EA and launched the Spanish Guide. But these were just a few of the hundreds of new features we added to the platform this year – all with the goal of making the X1 experience seamless, intuitive and simple for our customers. As the year comes to a close, we wanted to take a look back at some of the platform enhancements and features we’re most proud of. It’s been a great year, and we’re only more excited for what we have lined up for the year ahead.

Kids and Family-Centric Enhancements
We made a lot of progress on our ongoing effort to make X1 the entertainment hub for the whole family. We took the next step in integrating Common Sense Media ratings throughout the X1 experience, making them always on and visible in all aspects of the guide.

Kids Zone was our biggest platform addition in this category this year. Since launch, we added search to Kids Zone, meaning children can now search safely and independently within Kids Zone for their favorite TV series, movies and channels.

Never Miss the Beginning, End or the Highlights
We added a start-over notification to our live TV listings letting customers know that same program is available on Xfinity On Demand to watch from the beginning. And with the program reminder feature, we’re testing out notifications that ensure you never miss your favorite shows.

We also added the DVR Auto Extend feature, which keeps customers from ever missing the end of a recorded live sporting event. The feature is available now on major sporting events like NFL Football, NBA Basketball, soccer and NASCAR, and we’ll be rolling it out to a wider range of events over time.

For sports fans, we’re currently testing the play by play option in certain markets, which allows the viewer to jump to important highlighted plays in your recorded sports events, making it easy to catch up on the game and the big plays.

Creating a Richer Music Experience
In 2015, we updated our music video and artist info pages to be more like the "because you watched" experience on our TV and movie pages. These pages now have two gallery rows featuring "More Like This" – which suggests new content you may be interested in, and "Artists," which lists all artists featured in the video you just watched.

We also added the ability to create your own custom playlists that you can name, rename and add much content to as you want.

New Options for Movie Enthusiasts
We were excited to bring our customers the option to pre-order new release movies this year – often while a film is still in theaters or even before it is released for the big screen. Once pre-ordered, the movie (and any Extra content that comes with the purchase) will automatically show up in your library as soon as it is made available for digital purchasing.

For franchise fanatics, we added movie bundles, a new option for purchasing movies that enables you to purchase a full movie collection – such as Despicable Me, Jurassic Park or Hunger Games - for one price and in just one push of a button.

Features For More Accessible Navigation
We are committed to making the X1 experience accessible for everyone, and this year, we added Secondary Audio Programming (SAP) indicators as well as the Video Description Icon on all the program listings.

We also updated the video toolbar to enable our multilingual and accessibility customers to more quickly and easily turn SAP and video description on and off – without having to leave a program or navigate the settings menu.