Comcast Cable

Comcast Cable applies the latest innovation and technology to entertain, inform and connect people in new ways. Providing households and businesses with the ultimate in video, Internet, voice, home management and business services.

XFINITY TV, Internet, Voice

XFINITY is TV, Internet, voice and home management, all working together and constantly improving to provide customers instant entertainment and connection — anywhere, anytime, on any screen.


XFINITY offers the best video, Internet and voice experiences. We provide next-generation television on a host of new devices to over 22 million customers — more than any other company. XFINITY TV offers customers the best viewing experience anytime, anywhere, with the most extensive collection of entertainment available on XFINITY On Demand, online at, through XFINITY TV apps and on XFINITY Streampix. Our X1 cloud-based next-generation platform makes possible even more choices, features and personalization. As the nation’s largest and fastest Internet service provider with more than 3 million XFINITY WiFi hotspots and 8 million planned by 2015, in addition to access to millions of hotspots in Europe, Comcast’s high-speed network is helping to shape the future of how people use the Internet to enhance their lives. And Comcast technology opens up new ways to communicate with IP-enabled voice service and wireless options, letting people connect seamlessly with those most important to them.



The future of home management technology is being created now. Comcast is bringing the power of the cloud to home management.


Comcast is bringing the future of innovation and technology to the home with new and better ways to help people manage their daily lives. XFINITY Home is a growing collection of innovative security and smart home services that give customers added convenience and peace of mind. XFINITY Home harnesses the power of the cloud to keep people connected to their home and family — via text and email alerts, remote control of thermostats and lighting over the Internet, and even streaming live video to a computer or smartphone.


Comcast Business

Comcast's advanced fiber network powers small and mid-sized companies with the solutions they need to make their businesses more productive.


Comcast offers small and mid-sized businesses new and better choices in technology, service and value to help give them a competitive edge. Comcast Business delivers advanced, flexible communications solutions that includes fast, reliable Business Class Internet, voice and video, as well as 24/7 business tech support.


Comcast Spotlight

Comcast Spotlight offers advertisers new ways to target audiences — nationally and locally. We are shaping the future of advertising and inventing new tools to measure success.


Comcast Spotlight puts the power of cable to use for local, regional and national advertisers. We provide advanced technologies and products that reach audiences more effectively — and help move the industry forward. In over 80 markets reaching some 30 million homes, we offer advertisers large and small the latest marketing tools, intelligence and promotional opportunities. Comcast Spotlight is developing new media solutions with more metrics for accountability. Like every part of Comcast Cable, advertising is redefining its industry. 


Comcast Wholesale

Comcast Wholesale offers third party businesses access to content distribution services and technologies developed and proven by an industry leader.


Comcast Wholesale offers third party businesses access to content distribution services and technologies developed and proven by an industry leader.  From content acquisition and media management to robust fiber and satellite connectivity, our services portfolio helps businesses launch new products and remain competitive through lower up-front investment and faster time to market.