Mark A. Coblitz, Senior Vice President, Strategic Planning, Comcast Corporation

Mark A. Coblitz retired from the company in 2013 after more than 20 years with Comcast.

Mark A. Coblitz is Senior Vice President of Strategic Planning for Comcast Corporation. His primary responsibility is to develop new business opportunities, particularly from emerging technologies. He has worked in the cable industry for over two decades, all for Comcast. 

Mark was involved in the earliest development of cable modems and DOCSIS, chaired the industry’s development of technology for digital telephone service and chaired the industry’s development of common software solutions for video. He bid for spectrum and served on Sprint PCS’s initial Operating Committee. He founded Comcast’s New Media Development Group, co-founded Comcast Interactive Capital and served on many boards of startup companies. 

Mark received the National Cable Television Association 2003 Vanguard Award for Science and Technology, was named Man of the Year for 1999 by Communications, Engineering & Design (CED) magazine, and Broadband Innovator of the Year for 2004 by Communications Technology magazine.