The Internet makes any room a classroom.

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4 million low-income Americans have crossed the digital divide.

For today’s families, a home internet connection is more essential than ever. Internet Essentials from Comcast has connected over 4 million low-income Americans to low-cost, high-speed Internet at home, giving every student the opportunity to succeed.

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Creating opportunities for everyone.

Without an internet connection at home, the digital divide keeps millions of students at a disadvantage. Internet Essentials from Comcast has connected over 4 million low-income Americans to low-cost, high-speed Internet.

Six years of changing lives.

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Comcast NBCUniversal

Comcast NBCUniversal
is on a mission to
connect everyone.

When we started this program six years ago, we never imagined we would connect four million low-income Americans. We never would have gotten here with our amazing dedicated partners including nonprofits, libraries, school districts, elected officials, businesses, employees and advocates who are all united by the belief that the internet is essentials, not only to compete in the 21st century economy, but also to be connected to loved ones and the world.


Senior Executive Vice President
and Chief Diversity Officer,
Comcast Corporation

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Getting your first
‘A’ is essential.

The internet is a critical tool for learning. Research shows that 50% of students said they have been unable to complete a homework assignment because they didn’t have access to the internet and 42% said they received a lower grade on an assignment due to lack of access.* Internet Essentials gives students the tools they need to succeed in and outside the classroom.

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Building a stronger program.

Our internal feedback loop constantly adapts to meet the needs of our customers and partners.

Listen & learn

Listen & learn from our customers &
partners to incorporate feedback

Raise awareness

Raise awareness & build the message
about Internet Essentials

Connect families

Connect families

Connecting low-income seniors to friends, family and caregivers is essential

Comcast is expanding its pilot program for low-income senior citizens from five cities and metropolitan areas to 12. We’re also providing funding to deliver vital digital skills training to help seniors learn how to use computers and navigate the internet.

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