2016 Corporate Social Responsibility Report (Covering 2015)

At Comcast NBCUniversal, we’re imagining and building the world we want to see. Innovative. Inclusive. Better for our customers, our viewers, and our communities. We’re shaping a world that uses technology and media to improve lives in unexpected ways and inspires each of us to reach our full potential. We’re revolutionizing how people with physical and intellectual disabilities experience technology. We’re bringing the power of the Internet — and the opportunities it creates — to people across the country, regardless of income and background. We’re creating and sharing captivating stories across our entertainment and media platforms that reflect the world’s vibrant diversity. Our company has 153,000 employees, with some of the world’s leading technologists and creative talents in our midst. We see possibilities — and together we do everything we can to make them real.

A Message from Brian L. Roberts

We use the power of our technology, storytelling, and media platforms to reach people in meaningful ways and change their lives for the better.

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David L. Cohen

Our achievements in making our technology more accessible is a perfect example of the impact we aspire to make.

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