Our annual Comcast Cares Day — the country’s largest single-day corporate volunteer effort — "has helped Mi Casa completely transform the beauty of our building and how welcoming it feels to families who come in," says Christine Marquez-Hudson, CEO and Executive Director of Mi Casa. "When Comcast Cares Day comes around, our center is like an anthill of energy and activity." In 2012, more than 70 Comcast Cares Day volunteers repaired railings, re-plastered ceilings, made repairs to the parking lot, and painted interior walls — creating a more appealing and uplifting atmosphere for Mi Casa’s clients.

"Remember that our name is ‘Mi Casa’ — the whole idea is that the place feels like home when you walk through the doors," Christine says. "The donated materials and building maintenance from Comcast Cares Day have been critical to our continued success as an organization."

Christine Marquez-Hudson, CEO and Executive Director of Mi Casa, says Comcast is "that ideal partner that we measure all other partnerships against."

The goal of Comcast Cares Day is to amplify the collective goodwill of our employees, families, and friends — and make a lasting impact in the communities we serve. Our employees contribute many of the ideas for local projects, from revitalizing parks and beautifying schools to stocking food banks and installing computer labs.

In 2012, more than 75,000 Comcast and NBCUniversal employees, family members, and friends volunteered in local community service projects during Comcast Cares Day. We worked at 665 different locations, provided more than 454,000 labor hours, and awarded more than $1.5 million in Comcast Foundation matching grants in 2012. Our volunteers have donated more than 2.6 million service hours to more than 4,200 projects since this event began in 2001.

And our involvement with local organizations like Mi Casa stretches well beyond this annual event. In addition to helping improve its facilities, we also work with Mi Casa year-round to provide clients with valuable technology skills and computer access through the Comcast Digital Connectors and Internet Essentials programs. (See our feature story about promoting digital literacy.)

"At Mi Casa, we believe economic success is at the foundation of so many other kinds of success," Christine says. "If a family can put a roof over their heads and feed themselves, then they can pursue all kinds of educational goals, be healthier, and be active in the community — and that leads to greater power for the family over their own lives."

Comcast is proud to support Mi Casa’s mission, and through Comcast Cares Day, our employees gain a personal stake in helping communities and families succeed.

"Comcast has always been that ideal partner that we measure all other partnerships against," Christine adds. "It’s a great merger of mutual interest."

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